Chris Pratt and Concorde win the 100k$ Grand Prix in Del Mar

The top 30 finishers from Friday's Grand Prix were allowed to compete in Saturday's $100,000 Grand Prix of Del mar. Heiko Wahler's trying course allowed four riders of the 29 starters into the jump off: Enrique Gonzalez, Chris Pratt, Jack Hardin Towell, and Guy Thomas, unfortunately leaving Richard Spooner and both Chivas Z and Cristallo out of the jump-off, but in the top 12. The jump off flowed around the whole Del Mar Arena, allowing the riders the opportunity to gallop and let their horses loose. Chris Pratt and Concorde were able to out-jump their competition in the jump off, with a clear round and a time of 45.349. Behind him in second was Jack Hardin Towell and Flip with a clear round and a time of 46.565 and rounding out the top three was Enrique Gonzalez and his own Chacna, with four faults in a time of 49.463! Congratulations to Chris Pratt and Concorde on their victory!

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